Module 10: Research Methods and Master Thesis

Module 10.1 Research Methods


The objective of this module is to provide the students with the necessary skills to conduct research at Master level.


·      Research approaches that are relevant for management

·      Master Thesis writing skills

·      Primary and secondary empirical research

·      Quantitative and qualitative research methods

Module 10.2 Master Thesis


The purpose of the Master thesis is to write an academic study about a concrete practical or theoretical project in the field of management, as a rule with a consulting focus. Students will demonstrate their ability to work on an economic or management problem, applying an academic methodology. The topic will normally be practically oriented and help the student to enlarge or deepen his or her profile, esp. with regard to a future employment.

On completion of the module students will be able to:

·      Organise and conduct own investigative research in the relevant field.

·      Develop and justify an appropriate thesis.

·      Be aware of personal responsibility and professional codes of conduct and incorporate a critical ethical dimension into a major piece of work.

·      Draw together information derived from others and from their own work in order to develop conclusions.

·      Apply the relevant statistical or qualitative concepts of similarity and difference in a rigorous and intellectually disciplined way.

The colloquium will be held after the students have handed in their thesis and after the thesis has been assessed. In the colloquium, each student will have to justify his or her thesis. The colloquium consists of the student’s presentation of the major aspects of the thesis, followed by a question-and-answer-session. The overall objective of the colloquium is to check the student’s understanding of his or her thesis, the methodology the student used and the ability to interpret the outcomes of the Master thesis. Moreover, the student has to demonstrate that he or she is able to identify and present the main results of his or her thesis in a compressed manner. The student demonstrates his or her ability to present major findings of a broader research and to discuss business and economic topics on an academic level.


·      Master Thesis Proposal

·      Master Thesis

·      Master Thesis Defense (Colloquium)


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