You may find further information about EMBA-MCI Program in this section, where the most frequently asked questions of perspective students are collected.

Q. Is EMBA-MCI program only for consultants? Is it suitable for officers and managers?

A. The consulting concept is extremely broad. In order to be a good consultant, you have to be a good businessman or manager first. The EMBA-MCI provides the knowledge of a general MBA program together with insights from a consultant’s perspective.

 Q. How about the profile of the current students? The success of students in international companies?

A. About 30% of our current students are CEOs or chairmen at their companies, another 25% are engineers, and the rest are senior managers. They come from various backgrounds and with different specializations. Especially, intake 2010 has welcome 7 international students joining the program.

 Q. The outlook for the next 5 years for consulting in Vietnam?

A. Vietnam is a very promising market. As consulting reflects the economic picture, the Vietnamese economic growth definitely leads to the development of consulting field.

 Q. Do you have any comfort for busy businessmen?

A. No. We understand that students are busy with work and family. However, when you determined to pursue an EMBA-MCI degree, you have to set it as your top priority. On the other hand, complying with EMBA-MCI regulations, students are allowed to be absent up to 30% of all teaching sessions. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that the absence rate should be kept at the minimum.

 Q. What is the ratio between foreign professors and Vietnamese ones in EMBA-MCI program?

A. Firstly, it should be emphasized that all professors, regardless where they come from, are internationally recognized. The selection process is carefully carried out to meet the strict FIBAA criteria and UNW standards. For your information, 70-80% professors come from UNW.

 Q. Can I take EMBA-MCI classes if I already got a MBA degree? Can I skip some modules?

A. It is case-by-case. We have to look at your degree, transcript…before making any decisions. However, you are recommended to come to class to enrich your knowledge about consulting.

 Q. What are the differences between the classes offered in Vietnam and ones in Switzerland?

A. The courses are 70 - 80% similar. However, in Switzerland there are some classes in German beside classes in English, but in Vietnam we only offer classes in English.

 Q. Is EMBA-MCI a double degree program? Who will issue the degree for graduates?

A. No, it is not. You only receive one MBA degree from UNW.

 Q. Is there any scholarship opportunities?

A. Unfortunately, we currently do not have any scholarship for EMBA-MCI students.

 Q. What are Pre-MBA courses? Are they compulsory?

A. There are 2 kinds of Pre-MBA courses. The eight-week English courses, which intensively focus on speaking and writing, are compulsory for anyone who has not yet met the English requirement. The other kind which includes 4 optional executive course training: Marketing for Manager 1&2, Management in consulting and Consulting skills for anyone with intention to strengthen their knowledge in management and consulting field before joining the official MBA program. 

Q. How about class time?

A. The program requires students to finish 60 European credits in 2 years for graduation so the schedule is pretty tight. Students will study from 6 to 9 PM on weekdays and from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Students will have a short break between each Module for self study (normally 1 week). The detailed schedule for each semester will be sent to students in advance.

  Q. While pursuing EMBA-MCI Program, if I fail a course, can I re - take the exam? How about the fee applied?

A. In case you could not successfully complete a course or fail the exam twice, you have to repeat with paying full tuition fee for the program.

  Q. Where will EMBA-MCI classes take place?

A. All classes are held in Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, 268 Ly Thuong Kiet St, Dist. 10, HCMC.

Q. Do you accept students with specializations other than business?

A. Yes. We welcome students with different specializations. It does not matter if you are a businessman or not. We are looking for candidates with leadership and good people skills.

 Q. What are the requirements to participate in “One-day as EMBA-MCI” Program? 

A. “One-day as EMBA-MCI” Program is open to all students and completely free of charge. It is compulsory that your CV and application letter are submitted to EMBA-MCI Office via email address However, we only admit 3-5 applicants/course to maintain the class quality. Hence, it is first come, first serve.

 Q. What are the requirements for studying in Switzerland? Do I get any assistance with the visa process?

A. Firstly, if you would like to spend the last semester in Switzerland, the tuition fee is 1000 Swiss franc more. Also, it is your sole responsiblity to take care of all expenditures during your stay. The visa shouldn’t be any problem because UNW and our office in Vietnam will help you with all necessary documents for your visa process.

 Q. Is the degree offered in China, India, Switzerland and Vietnam? Is it accepted by other countries?

A. Yes. EMBA – MCI is the European qualified program offered by Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and University of Applied Science and Arts North Western Switzerland (FHNW).  Its degree is issued by FHNW and recognized by Switzerland government, FIBAA, Vietnam National University – HCMC, ISO 9001:2008. 

 Q. How many intakes does the program recruit each year?

A. For now, the program is only offered once a year. Application dates are as below:
  • Application Submission: within annual June.
  • English Entrance Test: Within 7 days from submission.
  • Interview: Within 7 days from submission.
  • Opening & First Module: Annual June.

 Q. Is there any admission tests required?

A. Applicants are required an English test if they have not yet obtained an international certificate in English proficiency (IELTS 6.0, or TOEFL 550 or Bachelor Degree with major in English at a recognized University). The test is designed with general business content and includes writing and reading skills. Moreover, we also test for English listening and speaking skills  in the interview.
Q. When is the deadline for tuition fee? A. Application fee of 1.600.000VND must be submitted along with the documents before the interview. Tuition fee must be paid within 1 month after admission has been offered. Tuition fee can be paid all at once or in installments based on students’ financial capability.

 Q. Could I receive any financial aids?

A. EMBA-MCI students are eligible for Nam A Financial Aid Program which aims at providing financial assistance to students of reputable MBA Programs. Successful applicants can receive a credit up to 70.000.000VND for each semester - with 50.000.000VND for tuition fee and the rest 20.000.000VND for other living expenses. Students must pay all the loan before graduation.If you have other questions, please contact us via email or phone number (08) 3865 4183 or 0917 569 967 for our support.
If you have other questions, please contact us via email or phone number (08) 3865 4183 or 0985 204 782 (Ms. Hạnh) or 0982 511 150 (Ms. Giang) for our support.faqs


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