Consulting Management Forum


  • Inherit the achievements of Consulting – Management Forum 2012 and create a captivating Forum which truly benefits business in economic scenario 2013.
  • Demonstrate the quality of academic research

Why joining Consulting – Management Forum

  • The biggest seminar on  Corporate Governance in Ho Chi Minh City organized by one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam
  • Opportunity to meet and discuss with Vietnamese top businessmen 
  • Updating Vietnamese economic situation and challenges that enterprises are facing in 2013
  • Experience sharing from economic experts and CEOs 
  • Networking among 400 businessmen from different industries

Who should attend

400 attendees, include:

  • Government, City and surrounding Province authorities
  • Trainers, researchers and key personnel in service and manufacture industries
  • Professional consultants, top executives of consulting companies
  • Experts and top executives who have essential roles in operation and development of the enterprises (CEO, CIO, COO, …)
  • Individuals with desire to be leaders, intention of improving management skills and business results
  • Consultants in specific fields: Information Technology, Taxation, Audit and Finance, etc.
  • Senior students who have concern on business and have ambition to be young leaders
Đặt vé online hoặc đặt vé qua điện thoại số 0906 115 098 (Mr. Nhựt) để nhận mức ưu đãi tốt nhất.