Mr. Le Hai Binh

le hai binhI shared problems of my company with professor and he used them as real case studies in the class discussion. My classmates also experienced managers have analyzed and given a lot of solutions with different perspectives. Basing on their recommendations, I had my own decision for my company. This is the values that the EMBA-MCI program has supported me in operation my business”.

Le Hai Binh
Founder and Chairman – Mat Bao Corp.

Mr. Lai Minh Duc

Tlai minh duco become a manager or a consultant, you are not only expert in the industry. You should have a lot of thing to learn about soft skills, especially psychology. This is an interesting of EMBA-MCI program. This module has helped me how to handle the mentality and mindset of people”.

Lai Minh Duc
General Director – Nguyen Vu Construction Corp

Mr. Tham Nguyen Khoa

tham nguyen khoaOrienting career path, receiving knowledge from professors, broadening networking are values which I have found in the MCI program to enhance successful opportunities in my business as well as my life".

Tham Nguyen Khoa
Senior Consultant – Deloitte Consulting

Ms. Phan Thi Thu Huong

phan thi thu huongKnowledge is never been useless enforces me to grab every opportunity to improve knowledge. Before EMBA-MCI, I surveyed 7 other MBA programs in HCM City and overcome barriers in works and life to determine my choice. Studying EMBA-MCI not only helps me in current management position but also means to prepare myself to be a professional consultant in the next 10 years.”

Phan Thi Thu Huong
Human Resource Manager - Schaeffler Việt Nam Co, Ltd

Ms. Tran Hoang Mai

tran hoang mai“For me, MCI Program brought me a new insight about business with the eyes and the mind of a consultant. I have learned to look at an issue in different scenarios with different options and recommendations

 Tran Hoang Mai - Freelancer


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