1. EXPERIENCED SPEAKER Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Van is an experienced HR trainer with a period of over 20 years working in business development, customer service, and Human resource management. She used to work at many different reputable multinational corporations such as Phillip Morris, International Business Solutions, ILA, and AIG. Besides, her position now is HR counterpart director for a counterpart Switzerland company whose main concentration is market development with over 6000 labourers in Vietnam. With several years of experience working in many fields such as HR Strategy, Talent development, Organisation development, HR service, and Training leaders in famous business helps her strengthen major information, inspire and alter learners’ mindsets. She used to train over 15.000 learners in diverse distinctive areas with many different levels of education. Additionally, she was also invited to share experiences at over 400 seminars, short-term training courses in Vietnam.
2. PRACTICAL INFORMATION HR management skill is not only the responsibility of the HR department, but also of each labourer. In this consultation session, the expert, Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Van, will point out the importance of HR service.  The event also updates the latest trends of HRM strategy in Vietnam, especially in the new period “New-normal”. Simultaneously, some significant trends of HRM will be analysed for small and medium business as well as start-up companies more deeply. This feature helps attendants to see and evaluate relevantly the motive of their own business to develop.  In the last part of the event, there will be a section for presenting case studies which bring the audiences a more authentic experience and help them to solve “HR strategy” of a business in each case study.  
3. A LONG-ESTABLISH SERIES OF CONSULTATION SESSION Consulting corner is a series of consultation sessions of the MBA-MCI Program with the purpose of bringing students practical knowledge about business administration, management consulting, creative innovation and start-up.  


Consulting cafe #64

“Decoding the method “Lean startup” and the application to the real business”

📌 Thông tin chương trình:
⏰ Thời gian: 19h00 – 20h30 Thứ Sáu, ngày 25/3/2022
🔖Hình thức: Trực tuyến trên nền tảng Zoom