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The broad business curriculum, coupled with specializations in areas such as consulting, entrepreneurship, innovation, or finance, allow students to develop skill sets applicable across industries. Once the degree is in hand, MBA-MCI student are able to meet the needs of international workplace.


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We are proud to be a trusted choice of many students who are leaders, managers or professional consultant. 

MBA-MCI alumni networks are a great way to stay in touch and creating network with industry professionals. 

I shared problems of my company with the professors and he used them as real case studies in the class discussion. My classmates are also work in diversity industries as managers so they analyzed my case and gave a lot of solutions with different perspectives. Based on theirs recommendations, I had my own decision for my company. This is a value that MBA-MCI program had added to my business operation.

Mr. Lê Hải Bình Founder

Chairman, Mat Bao Corp

Affordable fees but Switzerland’s education standard. After 2 years studying under guidance of experience professors and creative, talent classmates, I am proud to say I’ve done it well. I achieved an international master degree, created a ready to be applied potential business plan from Swiss Innovation and a lot of valuable relationships.

Ms. Đỗ Tú Quân

CEO, Family Business

This program offered many prospective from diversity industries in terms of management and consulting. This helps me to enhance my view and brings a lot of solutions for my current job. I also received job invitations and offers from international corporations after I graduated.

Ms. Trần Nguyễn Chân Phương

Project Manager, ACB Bank

I researched and analyzed about 7 others MBA program in HCM city. However, I decided to stick with MBA-MCI program after discussed with my colleagues. This program not only helps me in current management but also prepares for my future career path as professional consultant.

Ms. Phan Thị Thu Hương

Human Resource Manager, Schaeffler Vietnam Co, Ltd



We have already welcomed many foreigner students who have come to MBA-MCI program for its high education standard and affordable fees.

After one semester at MBA MCI, I think why not combining the knowledge of engineering and learn management with consulting areas. I could imagine after I study I will work as such projects which focus on management and industrial engineering and product management in an international consulting company.

Mr. Frank Beilard

International Student

MBA – MCI program’s faculty come from abroad and from Vietnam which brings interesting thoughts and points of view from different cultures/countries. 

Also, MBA-MCI is very practice oriented, which is in my opinion much better than just studying theory. MBA-MCI is very beneficial for me.

Ms. Karolina Kolarova

Audit Assistant , PwC

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MBA-MCI is far beyond a class. Join MBA-MCI means prepareing yourself to become a dynamic member in a vigorous community where you are connected with others who share the common purpose and ambition. A lot of MBA-MCI alumni are working in pretigious global and local companies.