MBA-MCI Luncheon is a monthly activity aimed at connecting and expanding the MCI student community. This is a great opportunity for all students, friends, and partners sharing similar interests to meet and discuss.

To continue the impressive success of the October event, last Saturday, November 5, the MBA-MCI program held a Luncheon event with the topic “Greatest career challenge and overcoming it” with nearly 30 participants including the MBA-MCI students and friends. The event’s host was Ms. Jean Juan, Intake 2021’s monitor, currently a Senior Sustainability Specialist at Nam Thuan JSC. Besides, Professor Reineke was also present as a guest speaker at the event. Coming to this Luncheon, students of the courses not only have the opportunity to experience numerous discussions on related topics but also have the chance to connect and get on well with each other.

Ms. Jean Juan, Senior Sustainability Specialist of Nam Thuan JSC, the monitor of Intake 2021, in her sharing of “Greatest career challenges and overcoming it”

With a larger number of attendants compared to the first business luncheon, this time, the MBA-MCI team was fascinated when witnessing the enthusiastic participation of students from other Intakes, especially students from Intake 2022.

Mr. Bostanci Murat, a student from Intake 2022, was having some questions for the speaker

The discussion between the speaker and the students lively occurred. All of them paid attention to the speaker’s things

During this event, many students shared the difficulties they faced when starting a business or a new job. Besides, Professor Reineke, Ms. Jean, and the students gave useful advice to solve specific difficulties.

The MBA-MCI program was extremely fascinating when seeing your attendance in this series of events. This will be a great motivation for the MBA-MCI program to continue and organize more practical events in the future to facilitate MBA-MCI students, and also people who find interested in Management consulting – Innovation – Entrepreneurship to have a space to discuss, and extend relationships. 

The MBA-MCI students took pictures together at the end of the past business luncheon “Greatest career challenge and overcoming it”

Once again, on the behalf of the MBA-MCI program, we would like to honestly thank all the participants for spending time enjoying lunch with us. See you at the next business luncheon organized in December!