On the 17th of December, the MBA-MCI program organized the activity “Business Luncheon” with the main topic relating to an Overview of leadership hosted by Mr. Nguyen Viet Trung – head of the product and communication department at Zalo Vietnam, a student from Intake 2022 of the MBA-MCI program. Besides, there was a special attendance of Assoc. Prof. Truong Quang Vinh – Director of the MBA-MCI program and Dr. Sakda, the lecturer of M2.1

Mr. Nguyen Viet Trung, head of product and communication at Zalo, in the sharing of the Overview about leadership in the business luncheon, in the last December

Assoc. Dr. Truong Quang Vinh, the director of the MBA-MCI program, and Dr. Sakda, the lecturer of M2.1 also specially attended this event with the students from Intake 13

Coming to this event, Mr. Trung shared his authentic experiences about leadership which he had been gaining through the learning and working process in Vietnam, and Singapore as well. Furthermore, Mr. Trung also indicated obstacles that he had faced and overcome through the time working at Zalo since he was a product developer until his present position.

Attendants also questioned the host on many hot and interesting issues, for instance, the way Zalo protects users’ personal information or why this social media was named Zalo and not other ones.

With their specialized knowledge, Mr. Trung brought people reasonable and useful answers

Taking part in the Business Luncheon in December, the students from Intake 2022 not only have the chance to struggle and experience many discussions surrounding the major problem but also have the opportunity to get on well with and talk together.

MBA-MCI Business Luncheon – Bua Trua Ket Noi, is the monthly activity aiming to connect and extend the MBA-MCI community. This is one of the wonderful chances for every learner, friend, and counterparts having mutual interests to meet and share the same topic.

Students together took a picture with Assoc Prof. Truong Quang Vinh and Dr. Sakda in the Business Luncheon, at last December