CF-project-manager-vs-consultants: partner-or-competitor?


Project manager and consultants may be counterparts at workplace. One is project oriented, the other is business process oriented. Therefore, the discussion is open for everyone to raise their voice about whether consultants and project manager compete or complement each other.


  • Typical roles of project manager and consultants
  • Perspective, Goal and Method: are different? or the same
  • How to match and control to archieve the excilent project
  • Discussion about consultancy and project management’s aspects

GUEST SPEAKER: Dr. Sönke Friederich

  • Professional project managers and management consultants coach, leadership skills trainer
  • Project manager at international enterprises
  • Lecturer in consulting process
  • PhD at University of Hamburg, Germany

Date: 9am – 11am, Saturday 11th June
Venue: Runam Bistro Café, 202 Pasteur St., Ward 6, Dist. 3, HCMC

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