Consulting Career

Role of management consulting

Management Consulting has always been and will be in the future one of the most attractive professions for talented people. Thirty percent of MBA students in the top universities in the United States of America try to enter this industry; the best are often hired immediately after final exams by top international Management Consulting companies. Similar figures are true for Europe and surely soon for Asia.

Management consulting is an interactive process between client and consultant. This process generates the added value through knowledg transfer to the customers. Both will share their specific knowledge and experience to create a solution to the actual issue. One should understand this phase of cooperation as a thorough learning process for both parties who contribute different aspects to the case.

It is an ethical appropriate to enhance the knowledge of the client by transferring intangible assets like methodologies or tools and jointly learning. The fundamental ethical principles of confidentiality and trust are the basics of successful cooperation with the client and the consulting industry as a whole.

5 general objectives of a consulting project are:

  1. Archieving organizational goals by generating clear and mesurable values.
  2. Solving management and business problems.
  3. Identifying and persuading new opportunities: Innovatives, Innovations and Improvements.
  4. Promoting learning: Transfer knowledge and methods to the customers, empowerment to customers.
  5. Change Implementation

Consultants can work at a consultancy firm, operate as independent consultant (freelance), or else work as consultant within the company they work for (‘internal consultant’).

5 điều học viên nên làm trước khi tốt nghiệp MBA

5 điều học viên nên làm trước khi tốt nghiệp MBA

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Thầy thuốc giỏi biết phòng bệnh, doanh nhân giỏi biết phòng tránh rủi ro. Đây chính là cách giải quyết vấn đề tốt nhất. Câu chuyện thần y Biển Thước Có một lần, Ngụy Văn Vương hỏi Biển Thước: “Trong 3 anh em nhà ngươi, ai chữa bệnh giỏi nhất?” Biển Thước trả lời:...



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