• Inherit the achievements of Consulting – Management Forum 2012 and create a captivating Forum which truly benefits business in economic scenario 2013.
  • Demonstrate the quality of academic research

Why joining Consulting – Management Forum

  • The biggest seminar on  Corporate Governance in Ho Chi Minh City organized by one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam
  • Opportunity to meet and discuss with Vietnamese top businessmen 
  • Updating Vietnamese economic situation and challenges that enterprises are facing in 2013
  • Experience sharing from economic experts and CEOs 
  • Networking among 400 businessmen from different industries

Who should attend

400 attendees, include:

  • Government, City and surrounding Province authorities
  • Trainers, researchers and key personnel in service and manufacture industries
  • Professional consultants, top executives of consulting companies
  • Experts and top executives who have essential roles in operation and development of the enterprises (CEO, CIO, COO, …)
  • Individuals with desire to be leaders, intention of improving management skills and business results
  • Consultants in specific fields: Information Technology, Taxation, Audit and Finance, etc.
  • Senior students who have concern on business and have ambition to be young leaders