The recruitment of MBA-MCI Program is until July annually and welcomes applicants from various fields and nations.This year, MCI Intake 2012 – 2014 accordingly admits new two international students from Reutlingen University (German): Frank Beilard, graduated from Bachelor of Science Production Management – Industrial Engineering and Tobias Pfanner, graduated from Bachelor of Arts, Specialization Logistics & E-Business. Until this October, there are 12 international students from Spain, Portugal, Sweden, German, Korea, and China in MCI program.


Sharing with MCI Office, because of their first arrival on Vietnam, international students have faced a plenty of challenges, such as: visa procedure, accommodation, language, culture, food, etc. However, with the enthusiastic support of MBA-MCI office and their classmates, they can find suitable jobs for living, companies for internship in Vietnam.  Moreover, experienced foreign students who are more familiar with Ho Chi Minh City can share some experiences or tips to the newcomers.

Having more international students taking part in program year by year proves MBA-MCI program’s efforts to create an international environment at University of Technology from faculties, lectures, facilities, academic services, and relations between student and lecturer. Similarly, Vietnamese students can take this opportunity to learn about country’s culture in which they have never visited before. Each student is a cultural ambassador for his country, and these representatives will popularize the images and people of the land they come from and build a unity in diversity MCI Community. With knowledge background from various fields and careers, MCI students easily get useful relations and networks for their career, business, and knowledge. Last but not least, MCI program wants to build up a sustainable community in both academic and extra-curriculum activities. The successful Management – Consulting forum 2012 has showed the strength of organization. It also marks a large improvement of MCI community. Next time, with supporting from MCI program, students will continuously held more useful activities to society.