With the aim of fostering connections and growth within the MBA-MCI alumni community, the MBA-MCI program recently organized the “Connect & Inspire: MBA-MCI Alumni Networking Event.” The event brought together former students, current participants, and prospective candidates eager to connect and develop together in the MBA-MCI community.

Held on July 8, 2023, at the University of Technology – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, the event saw an impressive turnout of over 35 attendees, including alumni from various Intake from 2010 to the present one. The evening commenced with a warm and inspiring welcome speech by Assoc. Prof.Dr. Truong Quang Vinh – Director of the MBA-MCI Program, shared the overarching purpose behind organizing the event.

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Truong Quang Vinh highlighted the diverse backgrounds of MBA-MCI alumni, hailing from fields such as Economics, Engineering, Project Management, Medicine, Human Resources, and more. Each alumnus possessed unique strengths and some of them were engaged in exciting new projects. The event aimed to bridge alumni from different Intakes, fostering stronger connections, knowledge exchange, and mutual growth.

Following Assoc. Prof.Dr. Truong Quang Vinh’s speech, there was a Talkshow session featuring three guest speakers, representing alumni from various intakes: Mr. Le Huy Luyen – Digital transformation consulting expert at FPT Software, MBA-MCI Intake 2010-2012; Mr. Nguyen Huu Thong – Strategy Director of Hot Voucher JSC, MBA-MCI Intake 2015-2017; and Mr. Nguyen Viet Trung – Head of Product Communication at Zalo Group, VNG Corporation, MBA-MCI Intake 2022-2024. During the Talkshow, the alumni and student shared their educational journey in the MBA-MCI program, highlighting the most memorable lecturers and modules. The guest speakers also discussed how they applied the knowledge gained from the program to their current work. The alumni emphasized that the program content is extensive and practical, providing them with a wide range of knowledge and technical tools to solve the business problems that can apply to various of areas. Especially, the guest speakers revealed insights into their latest projects, entrepreneurial experiences, and international consultancy.

The guest speaker in the Talkshow session

To express appreciation to the three speakers for their valuable contributions and insights, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Truong Quang Vinh, on behalf of the MBA-MCI program, presented small tokens of gratitude during the event.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Truong Quang Vinh presented the gifts to guest speakers

The event continued with networking activities, facilitating interactions among alumni, current students, and prospective candidates interested in the MBA-MCI program. Attendees were grouped based on their respective professional fields, and the atmosphere became lively and enthusiastic as members shared their experiences together. The event had a positive impact on MBA-MCI alumni, allowing them to expand their networks and create new business opportunities.

Networking session

The MBA-MCI Alumni Networking Event exceeded expectations, creating an engaging and meaningful space for all participants. It provided a fantastic opportunity for candidates, current students, and alumni, whether recent graduates or seasoned professionals, to meet, exchange knowledge, and celebrate their achievements. Beyond reconnecting with old friends, the event facilitated the expansion of social and business networks for each individual. Numerous potential discussions, collaborations, and new connections were fostered within the dynamic and vibrant atmosphere of the program.

Memory event photo

The MBA-MCI program extends sincere thanks to all attendees, including prospective candidates, current students, alumni, and special guests. The heartfelt sharing about the experience in journey in MBA-MCI program and advices sharing about working experiences as well as new busness projects played a crucial role in the success of the vent. MBA-MCI program is committed to organizing more alumni networking events to strengthen the bond between alumni from different Intake, supporting each other in their challenging and successful journey toward the future.

MBA-MCI Program

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