Farewell Party Intake 12: Look back on the past journey, begin a new expedition


Last Sunday (13th Nov), the MBA-MCI program organised an intimate farewell party with the topic “Walk on challenges – Achieve success” for students from Intake 12. Not only did the party mark the end of the journey gaining background knowledge for students’ future management jobs, but also it commenced a new journey to achieve success.

Attending the party, there was the attendance of Prof. Dr. Rolf-Dieter Reineke and Assoc Prof. Dr. Truong Quang Vinh, the director of the MBA-MCI program, and it cannot be mentioned the presence of all beloved students from Intake 12. The cosy party took place with the positive support from students through the mini-game section among members such as “Guessing words” or “Understanding partners”. These games gave students an opportunity to gather together and experience more unforgettable moments of “Intellectual Combat”.

Prof. Dr. Rolf-Dieter Reineke was presenting his welcome speech to students to start the event

Assoc Prof. Dr. Truong Quang Vinh gave the wishes to students for the past hard-working journey

Students from Intake 12 were excited about the party. They gathered together and enjoyed the delightful atmosphere

Besides, each individual from Intake 12 also brought settling minutes when they shared their feelings about friends, memories that had been built in the last year, and the significant changes in their lives, and mindset in the 2-year journey studying at the MBA-MCI program. These touching wishes were honestly sent to their classmates and the MBA-MCI team.

Representative of Intake 12, Ms. Jean Juan expressed that not only the MBA-MCI program helped her to approach new expertise, and meet new friends who specialized in various occupations who are always willing to accompany and help her in both life and work. Some last classes are going to come to an end; however, the MBA-MCI community and the friendships among students will remain unchanged and will be more and more strongly developed.

Ms. Jean Juan (grey blazer), monitor of the Intake 12, felt happy when meeting new friends after attending the class at the MBA-MCI program

With the topic “Walk on challenges – Achieve success”, the program hopes that in the next journey, with the power from knowledge and relationships that had been established and enlarged will become the enormous motivation which makes you more confident and always ready to be your own hero not hesitating to “Walk on challenges – Achieve success”

The students from Intake 12 took a picture with the directors of the program

Once again, on behalf of the MBA-MCI program, I wish that all the students of the MBA-MCI program in general, and the students from Intake 12 in particular, both of you guys will achieve good results in the thesis paper, and be more successful in life.

Some other captured memories in the party:

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