A significant portion of enterprises nowadays considers using consulting service to improve their business performance as an obvious choice. Alongside this trend, logistics companies also have an increasingly high demand for this service.

In the interview with Vietnam Shipper at Information Session 2012: “Consulting Career – Opportunities & Challenges and MBA – MCI Announcement of Recruitment 2012”, Mr. Le Van – CEO of Van Hung Duc International Consulting Ltd. Co., who has been working in consulting industry for years, said: “The huge wave of globalization, specialization, outsourcing, especially after Vietnam joined WTO, and the opportunities and challenges by constant economic fluctuation, the severe competition and the trend of M&A, generate the demand for management consulting. Logistics companies with the objective to expand and enhance their value chain, now, have the demand of this service as well.”

Providing an in-depth look at the matter of Management Consulting, Dr. Vu The Dung – Director of MBA – MCI Program (the only and pioneer MBA program providing management consulting education in Vietnam) claimed: “In fact, management consulting is a common need; however, few enterprises are willing to hire and invest for consulting”. The main reason, according to him, is that they are lack of trust when they decide to spend large amount of money on an external service. But all things considered, the consultants’ knowledge and experience could bring much higher quality and effectiveness for the client.

Dr. Vu The Dung gave his comment on evaluating the quality and the availability of human resource in Vietnamese consulting market: “Nowadays, the human resource of management consulting comes from many different fields. They are eager to learn and understand common rules of their own career and other relevant fields. The relationship and knowledge brings benefits for both sides, consultants and clients.”

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Furthermore, he also shared that clients’ uncertainty is a great challenge for domestic and international consulting companies to figure out to enhance their service quality with a reasonable price for clients. Besides, consultants should broaden their knowledge continuously and enhance their perspectives in every field to provide high quality service.

On June 17th, 2012, MBA-MCI Program, HCMC University of Technology (HCMUT), has held the Information Session at Hall B4 – HCMUT : “Consulting career – Opportunities & challenges and MBA-MCI Announcement of Recruitment 2012” which attracted the participation of many consulting experts, representatives from various businesses and individuals who are interested in consulting. The session was heated up by the in – depth discussion about consulting trends, opportunities, challenges in Vietnam as well as educating roles toward consulting.


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