Last August, 26th Aug 2022, the MBA-MCI program associated with Ernst & Young Vietnam (EY) to organise a company trip for MBA-MCI students from Intake 12. This is one of the compulsory themes belonging to the module 7.1 – Strategy Consulting, with the aims to facilitate and bring pupils opportunities to discuss with those who have these field-related expertise. Besides, this meeting also gives students a more practical perspective through case studies from well-known businesses about strategy consulting. Accompanying with students in this event, we are honoured to witness the special attendance of Mr. Tony Dang – Office Managing Partner of EY Vietnam.

Mr. Tony Dang – Office Managing Partner of EY Vietnam, had a warm welcome to MBA-MCI students in this Company trip

Representing EY Vietnam in this meeting, Mr. Thang Hoang – partner and head of Brand Marketing & Communications made a brief introduction about the corporation’s services. After that, the sharing from Mr. Bach Nguyen – Head of EY parthenon, a part of EY Vietnam pioneers in Strategy Consulting, expressed some significant points of the common models of strategy consulting and stimultaneously depicted essential case studies in the identification of customer segments for a corporate client in the construction industry. This content clarified the determination of strategies in consulting as a role of business consultant.

Mr. Thang Hoang – Partner and Head of Brand Marketing & Communications, made a brief introduction about the corporation’s services. 

Mr. Bach Nguyen – Head of EY Parthenon, pioneers in Strategy Consulting, in the sharing of the model of strategy consulting and practical case study. 

In the last company trip,  MBA-MCI students from Intake 12 enthusiastically discussed and questioned. There was a noticeable question from Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Tu, student from Intake 12, “ With many years of experience working as a business consultant, Mr. Bach, do you have any comments when clients had been following a plan designed by the consultant, but still had failures at the end?” 

Answering this question, Mr. Bach shared that the success or failure of a project does not totally depend on the consultant and his/her initial plans, it is affected by many other factors such as employees, finance, products, and so on. Therefore, business owners need to flexibly adjust their initial plans to fit the current situation and the development purpose of companies. Consultants just show business owners the most optimal and relevant solutions for business.

MBA-MCI students from Intake 12 take a picture with Mr. Thang Hoang in the last company trip

Through this company trip, the MBA-MCI program wants to bring students good preparation for the up-coming module “Strategy consulting”. From today’s realistic contents, students can themselves make a comparison between theories and its application to the real context. This is one of the bright spots of the MBA-MCI program, always heading to the practical values, a high application in works, with the purpose of generating a more multidimensional experience for learners, meeting the requirements of an Executive MBA program with International standars.