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The objective of the course is to provide students to Know and understand the purpose of cost and performance accounting; evidence of cost-type accounting, cost centre accounting and cost unit accounting; the most important analysis and planning instruments of budgeting; contemporary approaches of cost management such as activity based costing and target costing…. The specific context in Viet Nam business of guiding managers, entrepreneur or consulting teams will be considered.

  • Dr. Duong Nhu Hung
  • Time: From 26 Dec 2016 to 03 Jan, 2017
  • Venue: Room 408, A4 building, Bach Khoa University

Deadline for register for scholarship: 15h00 Thu – 22 Dec 2016

The candidates who have plan for MBA should be high priority for the scholarship 


  • Balance sheet, profit and loss account, bookkeeping
  • Annual balance of accounts
  • Chart of accounts, accounting standards
  • Cash flow statement and calculation
  • Annual balance of accounts
  • Balance and performance analysis
  • Introduction into cost and performance accounting
  • Budgeting: analysis and planning instruments
  • Current approaches of cost management
  • Controlling
  • Forms of financing
  • Financing within the lifecycle of a company
  • Internal financing
  • Equity financing
  • Investment vehicles
  • Credit financing
  • Financial requirements and financial planning
  • Functioning of the stock exchange and securities trading
  • Private equity and venture capital
  • Credit business and investment banking
  • Capital budgeting




duong nhu hung


Dr. Duong Nhu Hung

– PhD in Business Administration – ODU, USA

– MBA in International Business – AIT, Thailand

– Vice Rector, HCM University of Economics and Law

– More than 20 years’ experience in finance and

accounting as managers and consulting experts for

domestic and international projects

MBA-MCI Program