Last Wednesday, the first class of the students from Intake 2022-2024 started with the subject “Academic writing“ lectured by Mr. Bui Vu TrI Nam – lecturer of theory and English teaching method, Ho Chi Minh City Pedagogical University.

Students of Intake 2022-2024 in the foundation subjects “Academic writing” with the lecturer Bui Vu Tri Nam – teaching the subject theory and English teaching method, Ho Chi Minh City Pedagogical University. 

This class is established with the aim to prepare for learners a strong background of language knowledge, especially the standards of using an International language in the academic writing skill such as writing thesis paper, personal exercises, group assignments or necessary presentation before entering the studying environment completed fully in English at the MBA-MCI program.

Even though this is the foundation subject, students still excitedly discuss with the lecturer

During the period, students pointed out ideas to discuss based on their own knowledge of International language to let the lecturer be able to assist them in figuring out incorrectness and issues which they were facing in order to have an appropriate adjustment.

After the first lesson, the student, Ms. My Thuan expressed that :”These foundation classes set up by the MBA-MCI program before getting into the official curriculum are very helpful. This is also the occasion for me to review all of my knowledge of language, as well as understanding deeper the way to achieve a standard piece of academic writing. Thus, this is actually a need for students in the class assignments, and graduation thesis report in the future.”

To Ms. Linh Le, she felt that she had gained a lot of beneficial knowledge through the lecture of Mr. Nam. Therefore, she also illustrated her regrets when the duration of the class was not long enough.

In general, this class has got positive feedback from students of the Intake 2022-2024. Through the class, the MBA-MCI program hopes that you will keep this optimistic studying spirit, and earn more useful knowledge for yourself to complete your next 2-year journey.