Student life


Welcoming Party is special occation to celebrate all new students of MBA-MCI Community. Beside the joyful party, the orientation session by Program Director and Alumni is organized to help MCI newbies to have good plan for 2 year journey.


The SwissInnovation Challenge Asia is a unique promotion program which takes a holistic approach in actualizing innovative business ideas. It’s an integrated innovation competition for projects at the ideation, conceptualization and start-up stage as well as for the established businesses.

MBA-MCI Program at Ho Chi Minh City University of techonolgy is proud of being the organizer in Vietnam. Joining the Challenge, MBA-MCI students are provided training and coaching sessions, knowledge as well as essential skills for implementing their projects successfully.


The company visit is a simulated consulting situation, where the students will meet the client, have useful communication, see the company, and then based upon their collected information will propose the consulting solution regarding the concept of each module in the program curriculum. The field trip would be a good opportunity for MBA-MCI students to learn from practical experiences and enhance their knowledge and skills to contribute back to corporate and industry.


The business networking with business owners, managers of Swiss companies are combined with the “Swiss MBA Exchange Tour”. A group of 40 businessmen from Switzerland and Vietnam join together in Thailand and Vietnam. It’s a great opportunity for participants to expand networking, discover corporate culture and operation by visiting 7-10 companies.


Consulting Cafe is a place where the enterprises talk about their problems in order to get experiences, analysis, and solutions in a methodical and scientific way from specialists and consultants who are lecturers and MBA-MCI Alumni


Team building activities are to motivate current MCI students to hang out together for more understanding, networking, and improving communication. Enjoyable, fun activities enable classmates to get to know each other, create a better understanding of each other and break down the walls of mistrust by encouraging people to focus on what they have in common. After these trips, the relationship between students are getting closer, they become close friends to support each other not only in studying but also in working and life.


The series event have been hosted by MBA-MCI alumni/ student with the aim to connect and share experiences in doing business During 1 hour of lunch, the pratical cases will be dicussed and a lot of potential solutions could be suggeted in many diferrent perspectives.