The alumni of MBA-MCI program, from intake 10, Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Van – HR director at DKSH Vietnam, had some interesting sharings about the topic “Open environment: HR management strategy in the new normal” in the “Doanh Nhan Sai Gon” magazine.

According to the report “The global talent trends in 2022” of the asset management company Mercer (USA), 76% of high-level leaders and HR experts claimed that businesses need more innovative solutions to attract and keep talented labourers.

Salary and bonuses are not strong enough to maintain the attachment of labourers.

Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Van was sharing about the topic “Smart HR management strategy by using data” in the episode 2 “Data-Driven HR Strategy” of the short course “Leading in the new normal” organized by the MBA-MCI program in 2022

In Vietnam, after the Covid-19 pandemic, labourers had a tendency to change their own occupations as a way to alter the energy and personal passion; heading to energectic and independent jobs, expressing the ego in works and the balance and freedom in lives. 

In some personal interviews, the labourers have quit their jobs since the early of 2021 until now, we witness that salary and traditional bonuses are not strong enough for labourers to attach to businesses. Therefore, understanding and finding new values which help to solve the problems of keeping the workforce are the issues that we need to concentrate on and make changes. 

Image credit: China Briefing 

Based on the survey of working environment at DKSH in May, 2022, 91% of employees evaluate that DKSH is the “good land” for those who have a big desire to attach to and a long-lasting development and the solution for this result is “Open environment”

Source: Doanh Nhan Sai Gon magazine