The MBA-MCI students bring interesting research topics to the 1st-time thesis defence


Last September 11th 2022, the MBA-MCI program organised the 1st time thesis defence for students from Intake 11. The students’ research topics were highly rated by judges due to their high application in the business.

Judges attending this thesis defence of the MBA-MCI program are Dr. Duong Nhu Hung – Head of school of industry management of HCMUT, lecturer of Finance & Accounting subject of the MBA-MCI program, and Prof. Dr. Pieter Perrett – lecturer of Leadership of the MBA-MCI program, and also the lecturer from FHNW school in Switzerland. 

Dr. Duong Nhu Hung – Head of the school of industry management, HCMUT; lecturer of the subject Finance & Accounting, and Prof. Dr. Pieter Perrett – Lecturer the subject “Leadership” (MBA-MCI program), lecturer from FHNW Switzerland. 

The MBA-MCI’s students brought research topics in many different fields from customer behaviour, Marketing strategies in businesses, to topics relating to solutions of reduction in the wastes of resources in businesses. Each topic with personalised ideas expresses an unstoppable effort to complete the presentation and thesis defence, and this makes judges actually satisfied with their students.

Mr. huynh Thien Dinh – Student from Intake 11 brought judges the research topic “Factors influence consumer behavior towards buying organic food in the south of Vietnam”

Ms. To Phuong Ha – Student from Intake 11 present her topic research “Marketing mix effects on customer satisfaction: a study of karaoke services in Binh Duong province, Vietnam in 2022”

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung – Student from Intake 11 in his presentation of the topic “The key success factors of project management in software development industry in Vietnam”

With the topic “Reducing wastes of agile software development processes in HVSOFT company by lean approach”, Mr. Huynh Ba Luan – Student from Intake 10, was positively commented by judges

Mr. Dang Duy Phuc – Student from Intake 11, presented the topic “Factors influence the organizational citizenship behaviour of generation Z employees. A study in the south of Vietnam” 

Mr. Vu Dinh Phuc – Student from Intake 11, presented his findings about the research topic “Sensory marketing factors influence customer’s decision – A case study of equatorial hotel in 2022” 

Besides, this thesis defence also witnessed the participation of “special supporters” who are also the students from Intake 11, who had spent their time attending, cheering up spirits for their classmates. To them, this can be seen as an opportunity to experience and earn more knowledge for themselves for their up-coming thesis defence.

“Supporters” from Intake 11 also came to participate in this time thesis defence to support their classmates, as well as earning more experiences for themselves to prepare for the future thesis defence.

The last thesis defence is one of the most important points which finish the 2-year journey of students attending the MBA course at the MBA-MCI program. The program actually hopes that knowledge which lecturers deliver to students during the previous time will be a certain preparation for students in the future.

Once again, on behalf of the MBA-MCI program, congratulate all the students on excellently complete your own mission.

Students attended the last thesis defence took a picture with judges

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