We often concentrate on work, but pay no attention to people as well as necessary bonds which plays a prominent role in determining the success of projects. Mostly, managers usually neglect the communication with their own teammates to generate the engagement and inspiration. The wrong way of leadership and a poor behavior in communication of leaders make things go wrong and the failures of projects are things which cannot be avoided. 

If there is a principle to lead companies to success, it will be the thing that is experienced in “unofficial” powers which can be clearly defined as the power coming from morality and the leadership ability, not the position. 

The MBA-MCI program is designed based on the philosophy of providing learners an active preparation of a self-development strategy in their own careers and society.

Additionally, the program also helps learners to extend high-quality relationships in their occupations, these will actually be a skill and a necessary source for learners to construct themselves a sustainable background to perform their own goals.


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