Adapting with the post-covid situation is not really done, the business recession occurs leading to fears for most people in the world. Cutting down the human-capital in many MNCs is a visible example of recession, it brings both employees and managers difficulties and challenges.

It is widely seen that Twitter which has been repurchased by Elson Musk is experiencing a stressful period when it continuously witness many layoffs, for example, in the beginning of November, it laid off 3.700 employees following the cost-cutting program of Twitter, and this number is growing rapidly when according to The Information, on Feb 25th, Twitter goes on laying of its dozens of workers. Meanwhile, Tiktok decided to end its performance in the India market by cutting down all of the left labourers as the government banned this application throughout the country.

Twitter has been conducting mass layoffs, and it does not have any signs of stopping this situation.

Standing in front of a huge wave of downsizing organisations, in the position of a manager, how you act to cope with this urgent situation. This article concentrates on guiding you which set of actions a manager should take during layoffs time.

1. Hearing your employees – Be empathetic!

Cutting down the number of workers in an organisation, it means that the more people having to leave the company, the more pressure and workload will be put on those who stay. As a leader or manager, you should understand the pressure of your team members by classifying jobs for the whole team equally or avoiding letting your staff feel alone or not being shared by their own managers at work.

You should open one-to-one conversations with those who are chosen to be laid off to have a sincere discussion with them, and attempt to show your empathy to your employees. In this way, it would be much better than team appointments in discussing layoffs, and planning the logistics of communication is also important.

2. Being a consistent manager

In this emergent situation, being consistent is what a manager should do because they will be the one who guides the whole team through the downsizing process. You should be straightforward and consistent when announcing layoffs to your employees, and make an effort to make them understand your decisions. 

On the other hand, you ought to foresee the difficulties staying ahead, you should be consistent to cope with any sudden changes in both your department’s HR structures and management processes.

3. Preparing for yourself in advance

Working in the role of manager, you should prepare yourself in advance by approaching new knowledge, namely, skills, trends, or management methods which can meet the needs of the present and future situations of your organization in addition, attitude is also the decisive factor, as a leader you should adjust your attitude or behaviors which are relevant to each scenario through communication. 

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