The 1st MBA-MCI Study Tour In 2018


The 1st MBA-MCI Study Tour In 2018 brought me so many unforgettable memories and valuable experiences, said an MBA student. Also Prof. Dr. Rolf Meyer, the Head MBA from University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, said “The networking gaining from this trip is a very precious asset to us”.

In the first week of March 2018, the first MBA Tour of MBA-MCI had happened in Bangkok, HCMC and Mekong Delta. It was organized by both Bach Khoa University and University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. There were 2 groups of MBA students coming from Switzerland and Vietnam going together to:

  • Visit local companies and partner business schools: Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Public Company, Chulalongkorn University, Cybo Smart TV, Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Indochine Imex Corp, Mekong Eyes, Samco, and Vietnamese Bird’s Nest Exhibition Center.
  • Explore a wide variety of subjects such as Strategy Planning, Sales Excellence, and Doing Business within country, Innovation Management and Human Resource Management, etc.
  • Experience the challenges and opportunities facing organizations around the world
  • Extend your global awareness and enhance your international perspective as a manager.
  • Explore the economic, political, and cultural contexts of business in regions around the world
  • Enjoy business seminars and networking opportunities with local students, businesses and leaders
  • Enjoy cultural sites and local places of interest such as boating sightseeing on five stars Cruise
The MBA Students Visit Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Public Company Limited, March 2018.

Aims of this kind of MBA Study Tour is to:

  • Connect with not only international but also Vietnamese entrepreneur in abroad
  • Bring internationalizing business out and in to VN
  • How consistency and difference between Thai and/or Swiss market and Vietnam
  • International trade: to go global
  • Strategic marketing for luxury goods
  • Supply chain management
  • Doing business in South East Asia market: chances to bring the world closer
  • Innovation to keep sustainable development
The MBA Students Visit a MCI Alumni Start-up, Can Gio. March 2018

During and after the trip, all students had collected primary data (field data) to present their findings in combination with the secondary data that they collected before the trip in the following categories (as already discussed in class).

  1. Vision, Mission, and Purpose of firm
  2. Core Values and Key Priorities of firms
  3. Relationships with key stakeholders (if available)
  4. Competitive landscape (if available)
  5. Financial aspects of firm (if available)
  6. Marketing strategies of firm
  7. Aspects (analysis) of domestic market (if available)
  8. Aspects (analysis) of international market (e.g., plans for further internationalization of firm)
  9. Opportunities for future business (e.g., new markets, new products, innovation, etc.)
Both Vietnamese and Swiss Students are eager to share and discuss with the firm’s managers during the visit, Indochine Imex Corp. March 2018.

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