Building Leadership to advance your Career path in Uncertain world


Still risks of war in nuclear, in economic or in somewhere else make this world uncertain? Can we stop terrorism? Stock market recently has been running down drastically, when will it move up? Technologies make changes day by day and going to replace human labour, then is my job safe? The future right now looks head spinning unpredictable. Is there any way to avoid this fear, anxiety and paralysis, and learn to thrive in a world in flux? Whether this change is your chance to improve your leadership?

Everyday, every thing has changed

The world today is changing drastically not like old days. Face of changing is faster than ever. Technology changing, infrastructure developing, new findings made the world more uncertain. We are dealing with uncertain things every day around us such as changing job, breaking relationship, natural disaster, traffic jam or accident, relocating, or struggling with financial, etc. then how to make it better outcomes is a challenge to solve. One sticks to our long life is career path, then can our career path be advanced in this uncertain world? Yes we can if we build our sustainable leadership. If you want to become a sustainable leader you should learn new things and grow every day.

Career advancement depends on the set of skills possess by an each individual. We can’t say what is the most important attribute for career advancement, but leadership plays vital role among others. When we look outside the window, we can see most of the organization’s growth and sustain depend on its leader’s skills and capabilities. Most of the organization’s sustainability and profitability solely depend on its leadership. Therefore, career advancement in this volatile environment mostly depend on the leadership skills of an individual or a group.

In simply, leadership means the ability to drive a group of people towards a common goal. Humans are different from one another, they have different needs, different wants, different ambitions and thinking patterns. Each and every person has their own personal goal which not relates to a common organizational goal. As such, it is not an easy task to guide different mentalities to a one goal. It needs enormous power!  Everybody doesn’t have required leadership skills to obtain success, but have enough space to develop them.

Today better leaders are transformational leaders who are positive, inspiring, and who empower and develop others. They are more valued by the followers and have higher performance teams. No leaders are born, but make by different circumstances and self-effort. How do the success in leading people to achieve common goal?

The better leadership in industry 4.0 is transformational leadership
Building leadership helps you to get the most out of life for everyone in your spam!!!

Leadership is a more function not a post or a title of authority. Everyone performs a leadership functions as a part of their daily routine without knowledge. In order to become a successful leader certain qualities are very important to develop. Leader needs to have a specific and clear vision, willingness to take risks, help other members, take responsibility, character and integrity.  Being a good leader requires effort, discipline and vision. Leaders should provide clear path that the team can follow. Followers should understand your set goals and why these goals valuable to them too.  Also these goals need a specific timeline and an action plan, how to achieve goals. Always you should use your born gifts and natural skills to sharpen your leadership skills. Genuine leader just not want to focus on the task, they have passion and enthusiasm on the project they work.

Good leaders are always should be a role modeler, must be a person always emulated by his group members. Therefore you should develop qualities that you like to see from others. Your communication power improves your leadership skills in an enormous way. Whether it is formal or informal, effective communication within your group enhance the clarity of the goals. For this purpose, you should improve your verbal communication skills, body language as well as the listening skills.

Also leaders should be a great motivator, should always identify each and every member’s values and let them give your free hand to improve those skills by giving honest feedback. Also remember to always appreciate and respect your group members whenever it needed. Leaders are always curious and give opportunities to others come out with new ideas, new jobs and new methods. Great Leaders always don’t hesitate to ask questions to improve the clarity. Leader always should be able to see beyond the limit and see the potentials.

Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. This rule is common to leaders too. As a leader you should be able to identify your weaknesses and should learn through mistakes. Leaders should learn how to communicate his weaknesses to the group members to avoid it happening. Build relationship is much easier if you can communicate effectively. Learning is never ending and if you want to be a great leader you should continue learning forever. Always new things coming and world is changing. It means every person has more things to learn.

If somebody has a power to convince others with his attitudes and speech, then the possibilities of career advancement are unlimited. Ability to influence others gives you an enormous space to success. If you want to become a leader, you should develop essential skills which are needed to influence others. These leadership skills help an individuals to success in given occupation.

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