Chief Operation Officer – FMCG/Personal Healthcare – Robenny Corporation


Job Description

logoRobenny Corporation is an international management consulting firm. C-Suite Executive Search Service is one of our core business for more than 40 years. We only focus on all positions with a base salary of at least USD200,000 per annum, operating at a global, regional or local level. 

Our client is a multi billions dollars Cosmetic & Pharma company with three giant factories in China, Vietnam and Cambodia, total 11,000 employees. We are looking for Chief Operation Officer basing in Ho Chi Minh City, in-charge for Vietnam and Cambodia markets with 6,000 employees.


  • – Develop a strategic plan to advance the company’s mission and objectives and to promote revenue, profitability, and growth as an organization aligning it to organisational Vision
  • – Ensure that Management, staffs and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information about organisational way forward
  • – To act as an interface between Board, employees, organisation and community
  • – Plan, develop, and implement strategies for generating resources and revenues for the company though organic and inorganic growth
  • – Recommends yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages organisations resources within those budget guidelines
  • – To assess the principal risks of the company and to ensure that these risks are being monitored and managed
  • – To ensure that effective controls and management information systems are in place
  • – To ensure that the company has appropriate systems to enable it to conduct its activities both lawfully and ethically
  • – Oversee company operations to ensure production efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources
  • – Approve company operational procedures, policies, and standards
  • – Review activity reports and financial statements to determine progress and status in attaining objectives and revise objectives and plans in accordance with current conditions
  • – Evaluate performance of Functional Heads / Sr. Executives and to ensure in attaining organisational objectives
  • – To streamline and strengthen internal process in the organisation resulting in more organised and effective work delivery
  • – Promote the company through written articles and personal appearances at conferences and on print media and digital media in consultation with Management
  • – To ensure and upgrade the brand equity of the company through customer satisfaction which includes both internal and external customers
  • – Represent the company at legislative sessions, committee meetings, and at formal functions
  • – Promote the company to local, regional, national, and international constituencies
  • – Present company report at Annual Stockholder and Board of Director meetings
  • – Direct company planning and policy-making committees
  • – Oversee Domestic and International operations for evaluating financial performance


  • – Experience in Strategic Planning and Execution
  • – Knowledge of heading a Business and making it profitable, change management, organisational transformation / Organisational development process implementation, project management
  • – Skill in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures
  • – Experience in formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures
  • – Ability to develop financial plans and manage resources
  • – Candidate should possess excellent communication, Inter-personal, Leadership, Presentation skills
  • – Ability to motivate teams and simultaneously manage several projects


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