ESSENTIAL_TOOLS_FOR_MANAGEMENT_CONSULTINGManagement consultants are now a firmly established part of the business landscape. All organizations, large and small, in the public and private sectors, use consultants to add value, improve processes or help with strategy.

As the profession has developed, so have a wide range of tools and resources to help consultants help their clients. Yet with so many different theories and processes on offer, it can be hard to know where to turn.

Essential Tools for Management Consulting is a guide for both consultants and clients. Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn helps you to understand the skills, processes, and risk involved.

Packed with diagrams, strategies, guidance and further resources, this is a book you’ll want to refer to over and over again.

This is a must-have resource for all practising or aspiring management consultants. Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn covers four key areas of consulting:

  • The profession
  • Developing consultancy
  • Managing projects
  • Delivery

The book also provides a top-ten of consultancy tools, with evaluations of their usefulness, strengths and weaknesses.

Essential Tools for Management Consulting has been developed from an interest in the use of management tools and models and comprises of five broad and inter-related chapters commencing with an overview of the profession of Management Consultancy including the topics of added-value, consultancy governance and ethics. It looks at the development of consultancy skills from both an individual and consultancy practice perspective. The management of consultancy projects is explored which suggests the use of a project management approach, the importance of understanding the assignment requirements and expectations, and adoption of risk management for consultancy projects.

The book describes the main consulting delivery approaches including problem-solving, facilitation and communication and ends with the author’s selected “Top-ten” consultancy tools and describes from practical experience how and where these tools are best suited to be used. Each of the topics of these five chapters have been chosen to provide a framework for both organizations and individuals to draw upon in the delivery of their consultancy.

The intent of writing Essential Tools for Management Consulting has been to again provide a suitable reference for aspiring, recently appointed or seasoned management consultants wishing to understand and undertake practical performance improvements relevant to their professional development whether at the individual or organizational level and with an equal relevance to those employed as internal or external consultants within both the public and private sectors. The book describes a range of methodologies aimed to provide an underpinning knowledge of the practical tools that are open to consultants to employ on their assignments. In addition the opening chapter looks towards the profession itself in sharing some thoughts around added-value and the issues of governance and ethical practise.

Praise for Essential Tools for Management Consulting  

“This book provides essential underpinning knowledge for all Consultants, in particular those who are considering or are new to the profession. In addition it will provide a useful reference book to anyone who is taking either the Institute of Business Consulting’s Certificate or Diploma in Management Consulting as Simon illustrates theoretical perspectives which are backed up by practical tools. The book should be seen as supporting today’s Consultants in maintaining their high level of professionalism.”

Caroline Lumb, Head of Professional Development, Institute of Business Consulting

” This book is therefore an excellent authority on the subject of Consulting and I have no doubt it will follow closely behind the success of ‘The Essential Management Toolbox’. I am pleased to be able to recommend another valuable counsel in the form of the ‘Essential Tools for Management Consulting’ as further reassurance that a career in consultancy is a worthy and respected profession offering a valuable and rewarding career move.”

Zarenna Longdale, people: id HR Learning & Development


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