Opening Ceremony MBA-MCI: Welcoming new students – Intake 2011 – 2013


The Opening Ceremony Intake 2011 -2013 of MBA-MCI program has been held on last November 07 by Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.


The Executive Master of Business Administration – Management Consulting International (MBA – MCI) is one of the world pioneer MBA programs that provide management consulting education. After 4 operating years in Vietnam, MBA-MCI has achieved good results in training courses and training high – skilled management labor forces for society.

After Assoc. PhD. Dr. Vu Dinh Thanh – the Rector of University of Technology and Mr. Beat Wafler – the General Consul of Switzerland in Ho Chi Minh City gave the welcoming new students speeches, PhD. Dr.  Dieter Reineke has introduced brief information about the University of Applies Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and some scholarships for students who study and make thesis in Switzerland.


Mr. Beat Wafler – the General Consul of Switzerland in Ho Chi Minh City


PhD. Dr.  Dieter Reineke


Dr. Nguyen Cong Ai – Partner, Head of Market Entry Group of KPMG Vietnam – member of Big Four

In this occasion, Dr. Nguyen Cong Ai – Partner, Head of Market Entry Group of KPMG Vietnam – member of Big Four, one of 4 biggest professional Consulting firms in Vietnam has shared his valued experiences in Management Consulting field. Vietnam is a developing country and the definition of Management Consulting has still young in people mind, has judged Dr. Ai. However in the reality, the more companies pay attention to invest to Consulting management, the more opportunities we have. To answer students question: “Where are opportunities for consulting firm while Big 4 has taken a big market”, Dr. Ai affirmed that the small and medium consulting firms will completely survive and event develop provide that they know what the strengths they have and how to improve them. Vietnam has been the first step on the way to increase the consulting industry; it means this field has been a potential market. According to Dr. Ai, after 13 working years at KPMG and in consulting field he has recognized that clients pay more attention to real competence of consulting firm than their scale. Some time we make mistakes in consulting process, however the way we accept our mistakes and give some solutions as well as the experiences we have is the most important thing.

“There are more than 61% students of Intake 2011 – 2013 who have been in senior management position in large companies; such as, HSBC, New World, P&G, Petrolimex, VNA, etc. In addition, there are more than 6% students working in consulting field”, said Dr. Vu The Dung – Head of MBA – MCI program at University of Technology. The diversity in career of students shows that Consulting Management has played the more important role to leaders of many enterprises. Not only consultants have to get in stage of the art consulting knowledge, but also any enterprise leader need to match the essential background, effectively tools to their experiences to efficiently operate their business and improve themselves. “It is unprecedented that there are more than  9% students had first MBA degree, 29% students have over 15 working – experience years and also the highest proportion groups in Intake 2011 – 2013”, said Dr. Dung. These numbers show the differentiation and premium quality of MBA – MCI program in comparison to general MBA. 


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