Axel Kopf2

Mr. Axel Mierke

  • Managing Partner and Intercultural Coach  in Mierke Investment & Development Consulting

  • Co-Founder and Director Europe of a River Cruise Company  in Mekong Eyes Ltd. Vietnam,

  • Founder & Managing Director of a Tour Operator in Handspan GmbH

  • More than 15 year experience in the field of private sector development as manager, management consultant and policy advisor for various governments and NGOs

The MBA – MCI Program is offering 02 full scholarships in DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING course for those who wish to enhance their level of management and business consulting effectiveness.

Course Objectives:

The module introduces the various functional areas of specialization in management consulting as well as the derived standardized and non – standardized methods of problem solving (consulting products) in as far as these are relevant to general management consulting. At the same time, the students are instructed in the process of assessing the intrinsic value of new consulting concepts and identifying potential application fields in the specific consulting context.

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Basics of Development Cooperation
  • Development Cooperation in Vietnam
  • Players in Development Cooperation (in Viet Nam)
  • Tools for Development Consulting I: Log Frame
  • The Project Cycle in Development Cooperation
  • Consulting Inputs in the Project Cycle
  • Tools for Development Consulting II: More Tools
  • Acquisition Process for Development Consultants

Course details:

  • Module length: 12 hours
  • Time: 9.30 – 12.30 and 14:00 – 17:00
  • Date: Saturday (11th July 2015) and Sunday (12th July 2015)
  • Venue: Room 409, A4 Building, University of Technology, 268 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 14, District 10, HCMC.


  • University graduation
  • Minimum 3 years work experience
  • Good English
  • Clear career objectives.

Application Process:

Apply online -> CV Screening and Phone Interview -> Offer letter

Application deadline: 9th July 2015


MBA-MCI Program
Room 306, A4 Building, 268 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 14, District 10, HCMC
Telephone: 08 38 654 183 – 0985 204 782 (Ms. Hạnh)

Apply online for DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING Course

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