How can I overcome challenges and enjoy the MCI Journey


I am Le Huynh Anh, from intake number 6. I will graduate this Saturday morning with many other classmates. 

Seeing all of you here this evening reminds me of what happened two years ago when I was registering for the MCI program; of how uncertain and worried I was. My bigger daughter, May, was 4 years old at that time. My husband and I both had very busy full-time jobs. And doing an MBA seemed very challenging for a software engineer with a typical engineering mindset. I was very worried. I could even tell how worried the interviewers were when I told them my story. 

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I decided to split the tuition into 4 payments, knowing that it would cost me a huge discount not to make it one payment. And when I started it, my goal was simply to survive. I would be very happy if I passed all the courses and didn’t have to pay extra money for the retakes.

Two years after, I managed to pull off a dual delivery. I finished the program as the best graduate and I had another lovely daughter, Mia, who is now 9 months old. 

I didn’t know how I could do that. But now, when I look back, I find three most important things that I did right, things that helped me a lot during that amazing journey. And I’d like to share those things with you: 

First, being very determined. After I started the program, I lived with a very tight schedule and everything had a very firm deadline. I didn’t want to fall behind my schedule. I had to finish the program in two years, before my bigger daughter went to primary school.  

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Second, studying in a group. That is the thing that my intake did differently from the other intakes, and that helped to make us the best intake so far. We had Skype calls at night after classes. We got together here, in this campus, at weekend. And for group studying, no place is better than this campus. 


Third, participating classes fully with a total focus. I made the most out of the class time. I raised questions to the teachers when I didn’t understand. And I learned a lot from my classmates who are better than me in some certain subjects. It saved me a lot of time to memorize things. And with some more efforts for group studying and reviewing, examinations didn’t seem to be that challenging to me any more. 

I understand that many of you here are very busy with your job, your family. My story is very challenging, but I don’t think it’s unique. I can do it, so can you. 

I am looking forward to hearing many successful stories from you in two years. 

MBA Le Huynh Anh – MCI Alumni intake 2016

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