Congratulate MBA-MCI Program on FIBAA Accreditation


September of 2010 marks a turning point in the development of MBA-MCI Program with their being honorably recognized by FIBAA organization as the qualified program for international education. With worthy faculty members including Professors, Doctors of the prestigious Universities and Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (Vietnam), the program is proud to contribute to the improvement of knowledge and leadership skills, especially consulting capabilities of current and perspective managers as well as bring them the outstanding successes in their career. With formal recognition of FIBAA, MBAMCI persuades the community of its quality to be a worthwhile program for the intellectuals who are determined to succeed.

MBA- MCI in Vietnam, one of the world pioneer MBA programs that provide management consulting education, officially becomes the first Program in Vietnam accredited by FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation). This accreditation will have been valid for 5 years since September 2010, which affirms the quality commitment of MBA-MCI program to their students. This award is given to eligible MBA Programs which satisfy all obligatory basic requirements for a qualified Program.

What is FIBAA?

The FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) is a Swiss non-profit agency for quality assurance with operative branches in Bonn (Germany) and Zurich (Switzerland). FIBAA audits, assesses and furthers private and state-approved higher education institutions. Therefore, transparency and credibility in the field of quality education be increased significantly.

FIBAA is bound to the following objectives:

1. Assurance and improvement of the quality of programmes. 2. Assistance in the development of a varied range of courses. 3. Making the programmes on offer more transparent for the labour market, the students, businesses, and the higher education institutions themselves. 4. Co-operation in the development of the basis for the quality process in the national as well as international framework. 5. Consideration of European concepts and guidelines in the accreditation process. 6. Application of a combination of information-quality standard and process principle for our clients and consultants.

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