Module 5: Management of Consulting Companies

Module 5.1: International good practices in Consulting Firm Management


As a result of the specific kind of service offered the management of consulting firms is distinguished by particular characteristics. A method of comparison with the management of other types of companies is used to demonstrate to the students the strategic, organisational, financial, social and operative running of a consulting firm. The objective is that students understood the basic features, concepts and tools of consulting firms in line with international good practise.


·      Strategic management

o   Corporate cultures and corporate philosophies of consulting firms

o   Alternative strategic concepts and their implementation

·      Organisational management

o   Alternative organisational structures

o   Procedural regulation of in-house processes (not: consulting process/project management)

o   Organisation of administration and support

·      Financial management

o   Budget planning and control

o   Fees and costs

o   Profit sharing systems in partnerships and international consulting firms

·      Social management and human resources management

o   Systems of incentives and motivation

o   Personnel selection

Personnel training and development models

Module 5.2: International Ethical Standards for Consulting Companies


The objective is first to use a general approach to the term “ethics” for the purpose of creating a link to business subjects. Areas of conflict in the field of business ethics are demonstrated. Understanding of the ethically relevant environment of the consultant is conveyed. Case studies are used to analyse ethical problems in international management consultancy and the independent development of approaches towards solutions by the students is facilitated.


·      Ethics in business

·      The ethically relevant environment in consultancy

·      International ethical standards and local application

·      The positioning of the consultant

·      Ethical problem complexes in management consultancy as well as possible approaches towards a solution

·      Corporate Social Responsibility

·      Sustainability in management and consulting

Module 5.3: Law of Management Consulting


The objective of this module is to provide an overview of the various legal implications of management consulting. Particular emphasis will be given to negotiating and drafting management consulting agreements with (potential) clients and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. During workshops, students will have the opportunity to analyse various sample contracts and present their results for group discussion, as well as resolve a dispute over an international management consulting agreement in mediation.


·      International legal aspects, e.g. legal framework for providing cross-border consulting services (e.g. WTO -GATS)

·      Legal frameworks for consulting firms in Vietnam

·      Relationship with employees and independent contractors

·      General guidelines for contract drafting

·      Negotiating and drafting consulting agreements with clients

·      Critical contractual terms in consulting agreements

·      Alternative dispute resolution methods (mediation and arbitration).


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